Thursday, July 26, 2012

Random and a wedding...

We've had a few random moments this last week that seemed like good photo opportunities. Then, we were guests at the Wedding of the Year. It.. Was.. a.. .Happening. Huge. We knew it was going to be a memory and a cultural experience, so we were so excited to be invited. Take a look--
First, on our drive to and from our office, some things start to look very ordinary and familiar, since we see them twice a day. But, when traffic comes to a standstill, and I come out of my reverie long enough to focus, I catch myself thinking, "What IS that?" For whatever reason, someone thought this place, alongside the highway, would be an excellent repository for old, dead motorcycles. So, here they rest. No signs of "no dumping here," or, "put old motorcycles here," they just appear out of nowhere, to reside forever more. No one is in charge, no one is watching, but the more I look at them, they look like a Modern Art display. When I think of all the people who rode them, the roads/paths they have traveled, there is a story connected with each one. Kind of cool...and many shapes to study.
Our Thursday night BYU-Idaho college English class has come to an end. This is just half of the class - but oh, they were fun, just sharp kids and quick wits. Our next class will begin in September and we are looking forward to teaching again. Ghana is getting a bargain in us...we're free. The class is already structured, and we just come in to do the grammar/writing part.
lean to the left...lean to the right...
The Wedding Speaker (me) with my friend Jocelyn Sowa. Our friend, Doreen was getting married, and in Ghana, they have a program with speakers. I'm not sure how I got on the list, but this is my 2nd experience as a speaker. Jocelyn also had a part on the program, so we were sitting on the stand together; she kept me giggling... for the 2 hours we waited for the ceremony to begin! Ghanaians don't always adhere to a strict schedule.
David had the camera and gave this lady "The Best Hat Award."
Waiting for the bride to walk the aisle...
David got a picture of Doreen before she headed down the aisle, and she seemed a little stressed with the lateness of the wedding. But, she was beautiful, and everything turned out wonderfully.
After the ceremony and pictures, the wedding party was invited to a gorgeous hotel for a buffet dinner and dancing. There were African dishes as well as continental food -- and it was delicious!
At the end of the dinner, the glow of the candle seemed symbolic of the love and romance in the room.


  1. That is the best hat! How fun, and you look beautiful in that profile shot. What an honor to be part of someone's special day!

    And that is a bargain! I bet the students love you guys.

  2. I've heard of the Wedding Singer, but I didn't know there was a circuit for the Wedding Speaker! How many people can say, "Oh, attended a few weddings in Africa? Yep."

  3. Many things make us laugh here-- and this role is one of them!