Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Doing the same things, but in a different way...

I read a book, Doing What Must be Done , by Chad Hymas (kindle version), that really impressed me. At age 27, this athlete, farmer, father, had a horrific accident that rendered him quadrapalegic. Now, he is listed as one of the top 10 motivational speakers, as he shares what is really important in life, and how he can virtually do the same things as before, but in a different way. I think about that a lot. My friend, Jill Davis, asked me to help her get two young men readied for their missions by shopping...African style. We did the same things we would do at home, but in a different way.
Our shopping area is called Makola Market - and it is a free-for-all, so to speak, of open-air stands and displays. If you want to go into business, set up some shelves, get a product, and go to work. Here they are: Joseph, Steven, and Jill.
Steven needed a pair of dress shoes, found the pair he wanted, and was assisted by the the vendor for size and fit.
He found a pair which pleased him and, voila: new shoes at a decent price.
Anyone seen a size 6 1/2, brown, little strap...left?
Take a closer look at these...see anything may have sent to Good Will?
I had to get a close-up of this.. The Rack made it to Ghana.
The day was a success. The boys were thrilled and so grateful. We got 2 new large suitcases, leather belts, white shirts, dress socks, hygiene products, shoes...we just did it in a different way.
Jill's daughter had prom coming up, and she wanted a black pair of heels to go with her newly- made prom dress. We found the perfect pair, but they needed a small strap adjustment. No problem - we walked right by the professional shoe repair guy, and within 20 minutes all was fixed in a very sturdy manner.
On our way out, I saw this business sign and it summed up the day. We did smart shopping, for smart prices - we just did it differently, and maybe that is okay.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Lion King Country

Last weekend we had the trip we've been waiting Ho. Yes, Ho. And it's sister city is Hohoe. We thought they were both pronounced "Ho, and Ho-ho," but no. Ho, and "Ho-hoi." We had been invited to speak to the Young Adults at the Institute, and we had been told it was a gorgeous drive...just like Lion King Country.
We headed for the central region of Ghana, called the Volta Region. The bridge to the right spans the Volta River, and it was a gorgeous crossing, but no photo-opps.
This is the first time we had ever seen the real banana farms - and the soil looked so fertile, a broomstick could sprout here.
One of our favorite trees here is this...but we haven't been able to find out the name, definitely a new kind of Orange Tree.
The scenery was breath-taking - we didn't know which direction to look first; however.. the roads are terrible, with unavoidable potholes.
Can you see him...goat? They have the funniest little personalities; they all remind me of my Sparky at home. sigh.
Here they are...the highlight of the area: Wli Falls. We hiked (walked) 45 minutes to see this, and the walk itself was nothing. BUT, the humidity was just killer. SOOO hot and humid.
Flutter by
Dad doing what he does best... the seminar was SO fun with such fun kids. Our topic was Self-Reliance, which is interesting because I depend so much on Dad.
Our "listeners."
Our hotel, Sky Plus Hotel, had a fabulous view. Few recommendations...give us some handrails for difficult steps, and butter with our toast, please. We took our foam bed-topper, so that problem is solved. LOVED, loved, loved the view. Have not proof-read this yet; may be some mistakes.